Learn about Aprisa Digital IC Implementation from real users

Join us at User2User to hear how digital IC designers from Maxlinear, Arm and Indie Semiconductor use Aprisa, and meet with industry experts!

How place-and-route with intrinsic intelligence solves advanced node challenges

Aprisa place-and-route with intrinsic intelligence is a unique tool for advanced node designs. Easy to adopt, out-of-the-box best PPA, and flexible, Aprisa is the right tool to fit into any digital flow.

Hailo pushes utilization boundaries during physical implementation

Hailo AI achieves high-performance in a small area with Aprisa digital implementation from Siemens Digital Industries Software

Get control of voltage drop with an IR-driven digital implementation flow  

Aprisa supports more comprehensive methodologies to better address IR-drop issues at advanced nodes.

A cure for ECO headaches? Aprisa automates metal ECO

Aprisa offers innovated, easy-to-use, and highly effective metal ECO capabilities to help designers reduce ECO cycles.

space horizon

How IROC Technologies leveraged a new place-and-route tool to tape out an aerospace SoC in three months

In space, having precise, reliable equipment is essential and when experts can’t be precise, they need to know the possible…

How to get to design closure faster with place-and-route for advanced nodes

The size and complexity of integrated circuit (IC) designs continues to grow with every technology node. Consequently, design closure time…