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Additive 101 Screen Shots

FREE: AM 101 Introductory Online 3D Printing Class

If you want to learn about 3D printing, here’s your chance! Since we’ve all been home with extra time on…

The Siemens AM Network

Revisit what is possible with Siemens’ AM Network

In case you missed it, we presented a webinar on the Siemens AM Network back in March, and this webinar…

Big Metal Additive Printer

See BIG METAL ADDITIVE at our Virtual Realize LIVE event!

Slade Gardner from Big Metal Additive will speak at Realize LIVE about the challenges and advantages of large-scale, multi-axis, hybrid printing.

First Time Right Printing

Webinar: Optimize 3D Printing for Quality

Join us for a live webinar on May 26, 2020 discussing how to achieve first article quality with additive manufacturing.


Virtual AMEC Grand Opening

Siemens introduces the Virtual AMEC, an exact “digital twin” of the physical Additive Manufacturing Experience Center in Germany.

Siemens and HP win 2020 Edison Award for 3D Printing Enhancements

The Edison Awards organization announced that HP and Siemens had won a silver award in the category of “Materials Science…

Stay Productive

Stay Productive – There has never been a better time to learn new skills

These days, the name of the game is “adaption”. We’re all adapting to new realities, at work, at home, and…

Making connections

Making the right connections

The Siemens AM Network is working to connect healthcare professionals to 3D printing suppliers.

Additive Manufacturing and optimization

Next-Level Optimization for Additive Manufacturing

Is your “optimized” part REALLY optimized? One promising technology that has come into its own in the era of 3D…