Introducing the Siemens AMSIG

By Hani Qaqish

Today we are announcing the introduction of the Siemens Additive Manufacturing Special Interest Group or AMSIG. Special Interest Groups or SIGs are an old tradition at Siemens Digital Industries Software and one that we are proud to continue with the new AMSIG.

For those not familiar with SIGs, as SIG is a regular meeting of people interested in a specific topic. Meetings are an opportunity for information exchange, knowledge acquisition, and networking. Sessions might include demonstrations of Siemens software, discussions about a particular industry or topic, introductions to technology, and information about what’s new. Session presenters might be Siemens employees, Siemens partners, or Siemens customers. The goal is to give our customers and friends a place to learn, to be exposed to new ideas, and to share knowledge with a minimal time investment.

The Siemens AMSIG will be, of course, focused on additive manufacturing and sessions will happen every two weeks for 30 minutes and will be recorded. Members of the SIG will have access to the recordings and will also have access to the various experts that will present during SIG sessions. Some sessions may also include special instruction using Siemens software. Siemens customers will also be able to follow along and learn new processes in these sessions, but we aim for these sessions to be valuable to a general audience as well.

The first AMSIG session will be in one week on February 7th at 11:30 AM Eastern Time (United States), and will be a brief introduction to the SIG concept, a teaser of what to expect in upcoming sessions, and the ability to ask questions about the SIG and what is to come throughout the year. We hope to see you there!

If you are interested in joining the Siemens AM SIG, please use the button below to email us for inclusion on the mailing list and to be given the link and calendar invites to the various sessions throughout the year.

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