Learning Paths –Quick Steps to Building a Syllabus with your free Learning Advantage Membership

Whether you’re teaching a freshman CAD course or a 300-level class on fluid mechanics, you want to make the most of your classroom time with your students. Using the free self-paced courses, video catalog and product documentation available in the Siemens Learning Advantage portal allows you to do just that by providing short, skill-based resources that you can assign to your students. If you’re not already using the free Learning Advantage subscription for Academic Institutions, Click here to learn how to redeem your free membership!

For example, let’s talk about that class on fluid mechanics. You might choose to include in your syllabus the short self-paced course on 3D Fluid Simulation, a video tip on Geometry Preparation for Meshing, a link to the product reference for Turbulence Models in NX and the self-paced course on Analyzing Coupled and Thermal Flow Systems.

To Create Links to Self-Paced Courses:

    1. Under the search tab in the Self-Paced Courses section of Learning Advantage, search for your topic – in this case, fluid statics.
    2. Hover your mouse over the course you wish to assign and take note of the productID, which is the final portion of the javascript link (after the last =) that appears in the lower left corner when you hover your mouse over the course title.
    3. The super simple way to do this is to right click on the desired course then select ‘Copy Link Address’, you can then paste that into notepad. It will look something like this: javascript:launchCourse(‘arc-bvplm-en-1.0’); The piece of this that you’re looking for is between the single quote marks, inside the parentheses, in this case: arc-bvplm-en-1.0
    4. Your base URL for ALL Self-Paced Courses is as follows: http://training.plm.automation.siemens.com/lms/aicc.cfm?command=aicclaunch&passthrough=1&productID=
    5. Simply add the productID that you discovered in step 2 to the end of the base URL above and you will have a link that takes your students directly to the course you assigned without having to navigate the tree structure. In the example above, the new link is:

For your video tip you will search the video catalog to see what’s available on dimensional analysis, when you find a suitable video, you simply copy the URL and hyperlink it within your syllabus.

Finally, you can ensure that your students understand and select the appropriate turbulence model by searching the product documentation, based on the software version you’re using, then searching within the doc center for turbulence. Simply select the best result for your particular needs, then, as with video links, copy the URL of the relevant article, and hyperlink to it within your syllabus. You can download the sample learning path below.

Note that students must first log into Learning Advantage in order to have access to the links you share with them.

By incorporating links to Learning Advantage resources into your syllabus, you can ensure that your students’ attention is focused on precisely the skills they need to complete projects and advance their own pursuit of engineering mastery.

Share your favorite learning paths in the comments below and we’ll be sure and highlight the best ones!


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