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Ever wondered how companies like Rolls Royce, GM and Lockheed Martin innovate some of the best products in the world? One thing they all have in common? They use Siemens technologies. As a student, learning the Siemens Software portfolio early can make you stand out in a competitive industry. It could even be the factor that gets you the job. So why not start today and learn on the same e-learning platform that our customers pay to use.

Meet the brand-new Learning Advantage portal. The premier destination for students to learn industry-standard Siemens software like NX and Solid Edge. With a completely revamped user experience, it’s easier than ever to access over 5000 on-demand tutorials and assets. Plus, you can learn at your own pace and come back to refresh your memory. Learning Advantage courses update along with the software, so you’re always getting the most-up-to-date information.

Let’s walk through some of the features on our new mobile-friendly platform.

The homepage

When you log into your Learning Advantage account, the first thing you will see is this home page. The top-level navigation remains consistent throughout the user experience, so you can find the most important links at any time. Below the top-level navigation on the home page, you will see quick access to the most popular links so can navigate directly to your on-demand training courses.

Check out the video below for more information on the Quicklist function.

On-demand courses

Self-paced and online courses are listed under the on-demand tab. This is where you can start your training or compile lists of courses using our QuickList function. There are many courses to explore from Simcenter to Additive Manufacturing, so utilize the QuickList function to save the ones you’re most interested in.

Each course has an easy to use interface with a left side navigation panel that outlines the different tasks needed to complete the course. You can scroll through different sections using the white circular arrow in the top right corner.  

 The courses also include downloadable parts and models so you can follow along with the exercises on your own machine. You can download all the parts at the beginning of the course, so you’re ready to tackle the exercises whenever you want.

Course material varies with video and written instruction as well as hands-on exercises, so a variety of a learning styles are catered to. Each course ends with a knowledge check so users can demonstrate what they have learned.

Not only is the portal easy to use, but the on-demand classes are also provided to you free from your academic institution. Now is your chance to build your resume and apply what you’re learning in class to help land a job at your dream company.

Head to the link here to self-register for your Learning Advantage account, and watch the video below for an step by step walk through.  

For an even more in-depth look at all the new features Learning Advantage has to offer, watch this free on-demand webinar.

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