Siemens Xcelerator Academy for Academia

By Jennifer Bradford

It’s more important than ever that engineering programs are able to meet the competing demands of academic rigor, sound fundamentals, and increasingly complex technologies that will allow today’s learners to thrive in tomorrow’s job market.

Learning Advantage is always free for academic partners

You may not realize it, but you’ve already got a powerful tool to help you meet this challenge. Siemens Xcelerator Academy, our customer facing learning portal – the same learning portal that our customers like GM, Lockheed and Rolls Royce pay to use to ensure that their engineers stay current on Siemens technologies. With over 5000 learning assets, you can be certain that your students will have the tools they need to learn the software so that you can focus on the fundamentals.

In addition to the same learning assets that our commercial customers use, Siemens Xcelerator Academy academic accounts also have access to a special “portal within a portal” called the Academic Resource Center (ARC). The ARC is full of content that we’ve created and curated that’s of special interest to our academic partners, including full-semester curriculum packages that include slides, lecture notes, lab exercises and model files on subjects from Model-based Systems Engineering and PLM to IoT and Additive Manufacturing.

The Academic Resource Center features resources created and curated for academia.

The short video below will show you how quick it is to redeem your school’s free Learning Advantage membership and how your students can self-register. You can check out this FAQ and this short, free webinar for more detailed instructions. This user guide will help you understand the administrative capabilities that faculty can use to assign and monitor progress on learning content, while these instructions will help you to create syllabi with links directly to the course material you wish to assign.

Demonstration of Siemens Xcelerator Academy activation

You work hard to make sure that your students are prepared to compete and succeed in an ever-increasingly complex job market. Siemens Xcelerator Academy is already included as part of your software license, so make sure you and your students are taking full advantage of all it has to offer!


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