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As COVID-19 spreads and preventive measures like social-distancing, self-quarantine and constant hand-washing become the new normal for people around the world, schools, businesses and governments are taking steps to flatten the curve of new COVID-19 cases.

Universities have been particularly swift to address this threat head-on, with several US colleges and universities sending students home, with some to continue classes online.

Student learning from home

As the Global Academic Partner team strategizes about how we can best support our academic ecosystem in the longer-term, I want to take a minute to make everyone aware of the free resources that are already in place to support remote learning.

We will continue to think about how we can support our academic partners during this incredibly challenging period of rapid change and we welcome any suggestions or requests that you have.


3 thoughts on “Free resources for distance learning
  • kirstukas

    This is a great start. However, it does not address access to the NX software when the licensing arrangement covers campus computers and the school is shutdown for the foreseeable future, as many schools are right now. In contrast, SolidWorks, OnShape, and Fusion 360 (to name a few) have free or cheap access to their CAD software for students. The available one-year license for NX Learning Edition is at least two major versions behind the current version of the software, so students can’t open files created in the classroom at home. How about giving affected students free access to Siemens NX Core Designer through the end of the semester? Publishers Wiley, McGraw Hill, and Cengage, and software providers TopHat and Simio are doing something similar to that.
    Steve Kirstukas
    Professor, Central Connecticut State University

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