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DVConUS Issue of Verification Horizons is Now Available

By Tom Fitzpatrick

I’m pleased to announce that our March, 2021 issue of Verification Horizons is now available, just in time for DVCon US. You can access the newsletter online here. As always, we have a great collection of technical articles for you to enjoy:

Take a stroll down memory lane to see where UVM came from and where it’s going.

Check out a great overview of CXL and the challenges of cache coherency verification, and see how Siemens EDA’s QVIP can help you meet these challenges.

Our friends at Patmos Engineering Services lay out the additional steps that DO-254 requires to show that something like avionics has been verified.

VerifWorks gives a great overview of how Questa CoverCheck can help identify which of your coverage holes are real, and which are actually unreachable, so they can be automatically excluded.

Imagination Technologies share their clever technique of abstracting away the details of large arithmetic systems that usually cause formal tools to fail.

Learn from Axiomise how to build on the idea of abstraction for both data and time, which can be applied to reduce the proof complexity and let your Formal tool handle deep sequential blocks.

Our friends at Logic Fruit show us how to assemble a simulation-based verification environment for an open-source customizable RISC-V core-based design.

Imperas Software builds on the idea of RISC-V verification with their article The Six Steps of RISC-V Processor Verification Including Vector Extensions.

With DVCon US on-line this year, I’ll miss seeing all of you at the conference in person. I’m glad that Verification Horizons gives us an opportunity to stay in touch and pray that we’ll be able to be together in person at a conference or other event really soon. Until then, if you’re attending the virtual DVCon US, please check out our Siemens booth in the online exhibit hall.

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