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Siemens Verification Academy presents “Introduction to ISO 26262”

By Jake Wiltgen

It’s likely no surprise that EV, ADAS, and AV applications are driving a new level of complexity in the planning, development, and deployment of automotive systems. The percentage of silicon on these systems continues to grow, and semiconductor companies are challenged to deliver the rich feature set required in the evolution to full autonomy. In addition to advanced features, companies must demonstrate the achievement of functional safety. ISO26262 remains the state of the art safety standard guiding project teams on the activities and work products required to prove an electronic device has adequately protected against systematic and random failures.

Based on conversations with customers, many silicon companies are still finding their footing defining solutions and methodology which delivers safety with minimal impact on development cost and schedule.

Siemens EDA has created an educational course on Verification Academy to guide project teams through the key challenges of an ISO26262 lifecycle. The course is targeted to engineers and engineering managers desiring to understand the common pitfalls and looking for solutions and methodologies which enable maximum efficiency through the lifecycle.

The initial installment of videos covers the following topic areas:

  • ISO26262 introduction
  • Requirements management and traceability
  • The importance of accurate early cycle safety analysis
  • Defining and implementing the optimal safety architecture
  • Optimizing and executing a fault campaign

We will continue to add new content as we speak with customers and hear about new challenges facing IP and IC suppliers. And as always, we’d love to hear from you if you have ideas on additional courses.

Siemens EDA offers a wide range of application centric solutions tailored to automotive and safety-critical workflows. Please reach out if you are interested in learning more about how Siemens EDA can help your team turn complex safety critical lifecycles into a competitive advantage.

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