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Watch Accellera’s DAC 2020 Functional Safety Panel

By Dennis Brophy

Accellera’s 57th Design Automation Conference luncheon (virtual of course!) focused attention on its Functional Safety Working Group activities.  The group was recently formed with the mission to drive standardization to improve automation, interoperability and traceability across a wide set of industries.  Mentor, a Siemens Business is a global sponsor of Accellera promotional activities and an active participant in this standardization effort.

In an increasingly “safety first” world, leaving safety considerations to a post design activity is clearly not a solution that is sustainable or workable.  But pulling safety consideration up into design phase itself exposes data portability issues when teams use design and verification solutions from many suppliers.  They want them to work together. All this points to the need for standardization.

The Accellera DAC luncheon panelists came from semiconductor and systems houses that represent functional safety needs across many end-product domains with a global perspective.  It is input from these companies and others that shape a standardization viewpoint and highlight the need.  The group plans to standardize information to capture and propagate safety intent from the system down to the SoC/IP design and implementation to support data exchange and traceability across different safety analysis and work products, including FTA, FMEA, DFA, and FMEDA.

The DAC conference is closed and access to its video archive has ended.  Accellera has made the video available to everyone to stream from its site.  Click here to watch!

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