Accellera’s DAC Breakfast & Panel Discussion

accellera UVM: Charting the New Territory

At this year’s DAC, Accellera introduces UVM (Universal Verification Methodology) to the world at its Tuesday breakfast and panel discussion.  While Accellera may call this “Charting the New Territory,” it is not terra incognita to Mentor Graphics nor to tens of thousands of OVM users.  UVM is at is simplest, just OVM.  If you know OVM; you know UVM.

While OVM and UVM are much alike, what is uncharted territory is how users will respond to and adopt UVM.  Unique to UVM is public support by the Big-3 EDA companies.  Other than that, nothing is really new for an OVM user.

What will be new next year at DAC 2011?  The Accellera panel abstract invites you to the breakfast to listen to a panel of expert verification engineers and methodology developers debate what they would like to see in UVM by DAC 2011.  And it encourages attendees to be vocal as well to share their views about what they would like to see by DAC 2011.

Breakfast Details

Tuesday, June 15, 2010
7:30 am – 9:00 a.m.
Anaheim Convention Center Room 203B

Please register for this event here

Moderator: Gabe Moretti, Gabe on EDA

Sharon Rosenberg, Cadence
Hillel Miller, Freescale
Mohamed Elmalaki, Intel
Tom Fitzpatrick, Mentor Graphics
Janick Bergeron, Synopsys
Stacey Secatch, Xilinx

On a light note: In prior DACs, the Accellera breakfast always seemed to follow the Denali party.  As you can imagine, a 7:30 a.m. start (or end to the night before) was always a challenge.  While many might have looked forward to break with tradition this year, we were informed by Denali that a second party (actually the first party if taken in chronological order) was being added.  For those who will register for a Denali party ticket, the Accellera breakfast will be a full breakfast to soak up any sins of the night before offered with plenty of coffee to wake you up.

I’ll see you at the Accellera breakfast and at the Denali party!

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