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Accellera Adopts OVM

By Dennis Brophy

Users Can Start Migration to OVM Today

accellera Accellera’s Verification Intellectual Property (VIP) Technical Committee (TC) co-chair issued a public status report that highlights the group’s progress on its first phase of work, the OVM/VMM Interoperability Guide and companion software interoperability kit, and its second phase of work, a common base class library (CBCL) with OVM as its basis.

As the market accelerated its adoption of OVM in 2009, a smooth exit for VMM developers and users became increasingly apparent.

accellera-vip-interop-guideTo address the exit and facilitate a smooth transition, Mentor Graphics drove the first phase of the committee’s work to protect users’ prior investments in VMM-based VIP so they can be reused in OVM testbenches. The companion open-source interoperability kit works in Questa now and should shortly pass all tests in other industry verification tools as well as highlighted in the VIP-TC status report.

As the Big-3 EDA companies embraced the Accellera VIP-TC phase one project, the worst kept secret was OVM was, by necessity, running in all their verification tools.

Now that Accellera has selected OVM, all the reasons for VMM developers and users to plan and make the transition to OVM today are clear.  Team OVM has made sure there is no need to wait to start your transition with a large resource base on to help.

  • OVM Download – here
  • OVM Documentation Resources – here
  • OVM Recorded Webinar – here
  • VMM that works with the Accellera Interoperability Kit – here
  • Accellera Interoperability Kit – here

As Accellera holds meetings to discuss additional common base class library features, Mentor understands users have a need to get down to the business of verification today. The OVM Team has all the necessary elements on to make your transition smooth. You can start your transition today with confidence.

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