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Synchronized global manufacturing plants

ODB++Process and its role in an ever-changing world

In the increasingly dynamic world of electronics manufacturing, in which production of a product may be required to migrate between…

PCBflow team

Next47 2020 Virtual Demo – Join Us!

In April 2020, the prestigious Next47 Accelerator program began.Our PCBflow team has been part of 12 amazing weeks of startup…

New Normal in Electronics Manufacturing

The Impact of the Pandemic and a “New Normal” for Electronics Manufacturing

We hope all of our readers are staying safe and taking all necessary precautions as we attempt to jump-start our…

JUKI Partnership with Valor Process Preparation

New Valor Process Preparation partnership with JUKI Automation Systems

Valor Process Preparation is picking up momentum with the development of partnerships with some of our key machine vendors partners….

Process Prep Virtual Lab

Free online trial – Valor Process Preparation

Streamline engineering tasks with production-optimized data Valor Process Preparation is a complete engineering solution for DFx, process development and test…

Everything PCBA manufacturers need to know about lean manufacturing

New column in collaboration with iConnect007 Industry Internet of Things (IIoT) is the hot buzzword in Industry 4.0, but managers…

Valor Process Preparation

Automation tools to accelerate NPIs and improve product quality

We are happy to share with you our webinar on-demand, “Valor Process Preparation – A Single Engineering Solution”. The webinar…

ODB++Process and Coping with Supply Chain Uncertainty

As the electronics manufacturing sector struggles to rebound from the Coronavirus pandemic and its effect on vulnerable global supply chains,…

Children and the digital world

Coronavirus Impacts on the Electronics Industry: Playing “Hot Potato” in Manufacturing

In the children’s game of Hot Potato, a “hot potato” is passed from one person to another, until the music…

Digitalizing electronics manufacturing

Why Electronics Manufacturers Struggle to Meet Today’s Market Demands

Electronics is evolving every day and expanding into every industry, driving manufacturers to figure out how they can overcome challenges…