How a Digital Twin Can Help Accelerate Electric Vehicle Manufacturing

By Kobi Levi

Every year, we’re seeing more and more electric vehicles on our roads – and analysts are forecasting dramatic increases in demand for electric cars, trucks and other vehicles is throughout the coming decade.

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That’s good news for the environment, but with the increased demand comes new challenges for those original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers and new entrants who only produce electric vehicles. One of the main obstacles manufacturers face is the enormous variation in demand, due both to the rate of change and the lack of standardization.

In order to succeed in the new market, manufacturers need flexible plants that can adapt to change at a breakneck pace. Most facilities today include disconnected information silos and domains, where data preparation and machine programming are time consuming and must be repeated at every site. Engineering changes are not properly tracked, causing redundancies, knowledge loss and wasted resources.

The role of data standardization

Data standardization can help electronics manufacturers overcome these challenges and build the “factories of the future” with the capacity to succeed in this complex new arena. A standardized data format boosts efficiency, saving both manpower and time in data preparation and programming. It supports automation and utilizes physical production system data to create a “digital twin” of every stage of the process. This in turn saves additional resources including expensive materials, while enabling earlier identification of and faster response to problems.

Data standardization and digital twinning have become key factors in successful electronic vehicle manufacturing. Luckily, with Siemens’ Teamcenter® software, they are now easier to implement than ever before,. Teamcenter breaks down silos with an integrated solution for electronics manufacturing across all facilities and facilitates innovation and boosts efficiency with the digital twin. With Teamcenter, manufacturers have the infrastructure they need to build the mobility solutions of the future.

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