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By Mark Laing

As we navigate these difficult COVID-19 times where travel and customer visits have been reduced, being able to evaluate on-site software can be more challenging. The Siemens Free Trial for Valor Process Preparation provides an easy to use environment to test drive the full capability to create stencil data, SMT, test and inspection outputs including assembly documentation. A full step by step guide takes you through initial data preparation, importing the source CAD, merging in a bill of materials file, creating a panel before stepping through the specific tasks of each area of PCB assembly collateral creation.

Create your own rules such as custom paste openings or use one of the many templates to apply to each unique footprint and then generate the final stencil layers. Create an assembly plan for placement of SMT components through automated pick and place equipment, inspection of parts using SPI, AOI or AXI machines, analyze the design for flying probe or in-circuit test accessibility and then create outputs for many different test machines. Then create assembly work instructions for a paper-less shop floor documentation solution.

Test drive Valor Process Preparation for 30 days

The Siemens Free Trial environment provides a complete data set where you can test drive Valor Process Preparation. There is a step by step guide that breaks down these tasks so you only have to work through the areas that interest you. Are you a test engineer? Then just work through the data preparation and test engineering chapters. Do you edit gerber files or send your guidelines out to create a stencil? Try the data preparation with stencil design chapters to see how you can reduce the time that it takes to create accurate stencil layers.

Valor Process Preparation Free Trial in action

We invite you to test drive Valor Process Preparation today!

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