Mentor Partnership with Koh Young Creates Even Simpler Inspection System Programming

By Rick Esposito

In yet another milestone for our ODB++Process (formerly known as the Open Product Model), Mentor has partnered with Koh Young to further simplify inspection system programming.

Koh Young, a leading provider of 3D measurement-based inspection equipment, was an outstanding partner in this process. The integration between our solutions enables significantly faster and more accurate programming of their systems. Additionally, the user’s experience has been significantly improved – saving process engineers a lot of time and effort in executing their programming tasks.

As a reminder: the ODB++Process format was originally created as a way to represent the entire engineering process data of an assembly and/or inspection machine program dataset in a way that is independent of machine vendors and their proprietary formats. It is a solution for the open exchange of process engineering information between disparate machines and processes. In the same way that ODB++ Design works for design data, ODB++ Process is the real answer to the need for flexibility that Smart Industry 4.0 factories demand.

VPL provides accurate part geometries

An important factor for Koh Young is our ability to provide accurate part geometries by using the Valor Parts Library (VPL) to enhance our V-shape methodology. As we move forward, we will see more improvements in this methodology. One of the solutions we are actively exploring is providing our solution in a cloud-based configuration, which will help customers reduce capital expenditure on hardware and software.

Working with Koh Young was a very rewarding experience, and the results are truly impressive. As I noted in Koh Young’s press release announcing our partnership, it is remarkable what can be achieved when industry leaders collaborate!

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