Green energy is going greener with Siemens Energy and additive manufacturing

Siemens Energy is already a big player in energy generation, and not just because of the size of their turbines….

Investing in additive manufacturing

Manufacturing is arguable one of the most important industries in our world. Unfortunately, the weight of that characterization holds back…

Unfinished Siemens Energy Gas Turbine

Manufacturing a better energy industry with additive

If you had a chance to listen in to episode six of this season of the Siemens Additive Manufacturing (AM)…

A 3D printed gas turbine part being held.

Additive manufacturing is revolutionizing energy

For many years, the energy industry has been slow to adopt additive manufacturing (AM), being a new and unused technology….

Pulling an additive manufactured part from an industrial printer

The future of additive manufacturing is approaching

The future of additive manufacturing (AM) has been a difficult question to answer and it is still quite a complex…

Engineer holding 3D printed knee implant from LimaCorporate

Medical innovation with additive manufacturing

The medical device industry has been an early adopter of additive manufacturing technologies. Their early start has helped advance 3D…

LimaCorporate collaborating with Siemens Software for a printed knee implant

Developing AM orthopedics faster than ever

The strengths of additive manufacturing (AM) are well suited to the field of medical technology, for many of the same…

Additive is design, not just manufacturing

Often when additive manufacturing is discussed the immediate thought is of the final part. It often has lots of complex…

Three geometric designs with complex repeating patterns

The other AM of additive manufacturing

Creating better geometric features are essentially what every mechanical designer is working towards. Better can be defined a number of…