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How to Leverage Siemens Xcelerator Portfolio in Microsoft Azure Marketplace

By John Butler and Diego Tamburini

Siemens and Microsoft continue to deliver customer value with Siemens Xcelerator portfolio on Azure and we’re excited to share new and enhanced value with Azure Marketplace availability.  

Marketplace trends

Cloud marketplaces create a simplified digital buying experience for cloud services and are increasingly important for business-to-business procurement with the mass adoption of cloud computing underway., in their 2022 Learnings, predictions and insights into the state of the Cloud Marketplaces report (1) observes “massive dollars flowing through the Marketplaces as cloud budgets and enterprise B2B software budgets become one.”  Their report goes on to say that less than 5% of the approximately $700B in B2B software spend flows this way today, and as business cloud and software budgets continue to converge, they predict Marketplaces will become the fastest growing cloud services over the next five years. They predict $10B in cloud marketplace throughput by the end of 2023. Trends driving marketplaces are also reflected in Bessemer Venture Partners 2022 State of the Cloud Report (2).  They project cloud marketplaces to have massive growth from $8B USD in 2022 to $50B in 2026, and they observe these platforms provide value to cloud services providers and buyers who want to consolidate spend with their cloud providers and gain economies of scale.

These trends illustrate how public clouds and marketplaces create a flywheel effect. As cloud products, sales channels and delivery methods all improve, customers gain flexibility and more spending control of their cloud consumption resulting in a better experience and faster time to value.  

Siemens Xcelerator portfolio available through Azure Marketplace  

As customers choose Microsoft Azure to accelerate IT modernization, Microsoft continues to innovate and improve the Azure Marketplace. Microsoft enhanced procurement solutions include custom deal support and private offers designed for business-to-business (B2B) commercial transactions, with eligible purchases that can count toward your Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC). Customers benefit with these enhancements to manage and provide new procurement control and governance to make the most of their cloud budgets. Today Siemens customers benefit from Azure Marketplace with the availability of Teamcenter, NX, Mendix, Simcenter and Insights Hub, all part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio.

Siemens Xcelerator portfolio and the comprehensive digital twin  

Companies across industries optimize their design, engineering, and manufacturing processes with Siemens software and comprehensive digital twin. The comprehensive digital twin is a virtual representation of a physical object that evolves and changes over time along with the product or system it represents. Our customers use the comprehensive digital twin to create closed-loop connections between the virtual and physical worlds across the entire value chain. Cloud deployment with Azure enhances these capabilities with services that set the standard for state-of-the-art flexible, global, scalable and secure environments. 

Teamcenter is a foundation of the comprehensive digital twin and today with NX, Mendix, Simcenter and now Insights Hub provides enhanced value through Azure Marketplace. 

Teamcenter available through Azure Marketplace

Teamcenter is one of the leading product lifecycle management (PLM) platforms on the market, providing a host of business benefits ranging from centralized purchasing governance, procurement system integration, a custom curated catalog, and more. Manufacturing organizations all over the globe use this remarkable product – still others, because of the breadth and depth of the solution, want to adopt Teamcenter to help them better manage the product lifecycle.

Teamcenter can be fully deployed on Azure, or in hybrid / multi-cloud deployments, or with a partner, as a managed service.  Both current and future customers benefit from this flexibility – and in the case of Azure deployments – Teamcenter availability through Azure Marketplace.

This strategic option provides manufacturing organizations a way to easily deploy this multifaceted tool to fulfill essential business needs, as well as enlighten the innovation cycle. It also gives customers access to a host of key Microsoft products and services to help their business. Added together, companies can use both to make progressive steps toward digital transformation at a reasonable cost. 

Microsoft and Siemens – A Strong Partnership

Built on a 35-year partnership between Siemens and Microsoft, customers can be assured of mutual commitment to support their digital transformation journey.  Both Siemens and Microsoft understand the promise of cloud technology to help evolve the manufacturing industry. Broadening procurement and purchase options for Siemens Xcelerator software portfolio with Azure Marketplace, Siemens and Microsoft continue to meet customers where they are – and provide a strong foundation to help them grow and innovate no matter where they currently are in their digital transformation journey.

By bringing Teamcenter, NX, Mendix, Simcenter and Insights Hub to Microsoft Azure, customers can leverage faster deployment times through streamlined procurement options in Azure Marketplace. They can also enjoy more flexibility to scale infrastructure based on specific project needs and can do so in a dynamic fashion. Both current and new customers can take a smoother, more adaptive path as they transition to the cloud. They can also instantly engage with infrastructure resources without expensive upfront investments, harnessing various Azure features so they can meet their evolving business needs and deliver high-quality project deliverables.

Apply eligible purchases to your organization’s cloud commitment

When customers purchase Siemens Teamcenter, NX, Mendix, Simcenter or Insights Hub through the Azure Marketplace, they benefit from the ease of procurement and purchase – and from their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC). Not only will manufacturing organizations gain the capabilities of cutting-edge Siemens solutions on Azure they can also apply eligible purchases to draw down on cloud-committed spending. Teamcenter, Siemens NX, Mendix, Simcenter and Insights Hub are all MACC benefit-eligible.


With Siemens Teamcenter, NX, Mendix, Simcenter and Insights Hub now available on the Azure Marketplace, manufacturing organizations of all shapes and sizes are in a better position to harness the many benefits of embracing digital transformation with Azure. With Teamcenter they can benefit from fast, flexible procurement of this groundbreaking PLM platform through Azure Marketplace.

Learn more about the benefits of using Siemens Xcelerator software portfolio, including Teamcenter, on Azure and procurement through the Azure Marketplace.

About the authors
John Butler is Global Alliance Leader, Microsoft partnership, Siemens Digital Industries Software, and
Diego Tamburini is Director Category Manager, Manufacturing – Microsoft Commercial Marketplace.  

1, Learnings, predictions, and insights into the state of Cloud Marketplaces in 2022.    

2 Bessemer Venture Partners, 2022 State of the Cloud report.

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