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Accelerate product development and drive innovation

By Paul van Straten
 Accelerate product development to realize the next generation of vehicles.
Accelerate product development to realize the next generation of vehicles.

The latest automotive revolution is underway. As electrification, advanced driver-assistance systems and full automation take off carmakers are scrambling to find ways to grab their share of what are set to be multi trillion-dollar markets.

This revolution of vehicle technology has led to two great challenges for OEMs – the widening complexity gap and an ever-increasing number of regulatory and homologation requirements that must be met.

As if that wasn’t enough OEMs are finding themselves being forced to innovate faster than ever as competition in the industry becomes increasingly fierce. New agile tech players, leveraging their specific expertise of new digital technologies have disrupted the market and left some OEMs struggling to keep up.

Many OEMs are becoming increasingly aware that their traditional engineering approaches leave them ill equipped to deal with complexity today. Siloed teams, disconnected workflows and a lack of system integration make it difficult to guarantee quality and meet regulations, increasing the risk of recalls or fines. Furthermore, the cost of experimenting with new designs is elevated, leaving many reluctant to invest the time and resources in vehicle designs that may fail.

A new approach is needed, one that enables you to get designs right first time, one that promotes design optimization, collaboration and time-saving efficiencies that allow you to accelerate product development and invest more in innovation to keep your showroom fresh.

At Siemens we want to give you the tools to stay at the forefront of the automotive industry, developing innovative future vehicle designs that will drive and shape the industry. For that reason, we have produced a new video to give you the lowdown on Siemens solutions to Accelerate Product Development.

Accelerated Product Development helps you embrace complexity, providing a single source of truth for the whole development process. The digital thread synchronizes data across development, testing and production to ensure stakeholders have the latest information at their fingertips to make informed decisions. Virtual validation in the digital twin means you can flag and resolve errors at an early stage. Validating designs virtually reduces the need for physical prototypes to lower waste, delays and the chance of failure. You gain the faster more cost-effective pace of innovation you need to lead the industry.

With Accelerated Product Development, you can do more with less – faster.

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