Explore a new way to measure heterogenous SoC performance at the Linley Fall Processor Conference

By Tessent Solutions

Register now for Linley Fall Processor Conference, the prestigious autumnal gathering from the Linley Group. The session topics and speakers are chosen by Linley Group analysts so it’s a great opportunity to meet up with technical experts and to learn about new trends and architectures in real-world applications. The topic of the Siemens presentation falls into the category of Silicon Lifecycle Management.

When: November 1-2, 2022

Where: Hyatt Regency Hotel, Santa Clara, CA
            + Virtual

Why: To attend “A new way of measuring heterogeneous SoC performance” presented by Hanan Moller of Siemens, and probably some other presentations.

Measuring heterogenous SoC performance

Hanan Moller is in the Tessent group at Siemens Digital Industries Software. He’ll talk at the Linley Conference to an issue facing many companies today – how to know the true performance of your modern SoC? Tradition debug and validation techniques are not always enough.

This doesn’t just mean the device performance for the end user, although that is part of it. Companies need to measure the performance of SoCs pre-silicon and post-silicon, and also get feedback from the field through the life of the device. That data needs to be fed back into development operations and design in a way that improves the product for the next product generation.

Silicon Lifecycle Management

Some of the tools to make this a reality are available today, and other bits of this type of Silicon Lifecycle Management flow are still in the works. For example, we have IP that enables system-level (emulation style) visibility of real silicon. Hanan will cover that in his presentation.

But wait. Is “performance” the best term to use when thinking about the data you need from your SoC? Maybe how *performant* is the better question because it’s not just speed, but also functional safety or security parameters that need to be monitored and measured. This level of system-level functional monitoring is becoming more important and Hanan will lead you through—in exquisite detail—an example system with embedded monitors.

About the Linley Fall Processor Conference

Mobile, data-center, and embedded applications demand increasingly complex processors. To assist in the design of these processors, many companies have stepped up to offer IP cores, tools, and chiplets,” said Joseph Byrne, conference chairperson. “The Linley Processor Conference Powered by TechInsights gathers leading semiconductor-industry vendors to deliver vetted presentations about their newest solutions. These talks, plus keynote speeches and Q&A panels, give attendees the critical information they need to select the best processor technology for their designs.

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