Maximizing SoC Performance: The Role of Embedded Software and Functional Monitors

In the rapidly evolving landscape of System on Chip (SoC) development, the demand for effective debugging and optimization is becoming…

Enhance safety with Tessent

Enhance safety with Tessent

Learn how to ensure safety for automotive ICs with Tessent solutions from Siemens EDA.

Video: Leveraging the RISC-V efficient trace (E-Trace) standard

Learn more about using the RISC-V efficient trace standard for non-intrusive, full-speed and system-level visibility.

Picture of James Pickford at the Elektra awards banquet.

Awarding excellence: Siemens’ James Pickford wins BrightSparks award

Siemens’ James Pickford wins BrightSparks award.

Video from DAC: IC lifecycle monitoring with Tessent Embedded Analytics

Learn how Tessent Embedded Analytics accelerates SoC debus and ongoing silicon monitoring though the IC lifecycle. This video was recorded at the 2023 Design Automation Conference.

Video: Seagate presents RISC-V debug and optimization with Tessent

Learn how Seagate used Tessent Embedded Analytics for RISC-V debug and optimization in this presentation and Q&A recorded at the 2023 U2U North America.

Designed-in automotive cybersecurity to beat the hackers

Connected vehicles are vulnerable to cyberattack. Designing-in security features future-proofs vehicles against hackers.

Don’t Miss Silicon Lifecycle Solutions at U2U

Don’t miss the exciting lineup of Tessent Test and Embedded Analytics presentations at U2U North America on A[ril 13, 2023.

Event: Tessent 2023 DFT Tech Forum

Attend the 2023 DFT Tech Forum to learn how Tessent silicon lifecycle solutions solve your complex SoC DFT challenges.