Learn about on-chip monitoring and analysis with Tessent Embedded Analytics SDK

By Tessent Solutions

Large and complex SoCs with embedded systems play a big role in the technology we depend on, from intelligent 5G networks to autonomous vehicles, AI, robotics, and the internet of things.

Chipmakers can gain a competitive edge in these markets by optimizing chip development and manufacturing to reduce costs and get to market faster, and by being able to monitor, analyze, and tune the chip’s in-life operation for safety, security, and performance. One compelling way to accomplish all this is to add a class of silicon intellectual property (IP) to the chip that lets you see what your chip is doing from the inside throughout the silicon lifecycle.

Tessent Embedded Analytics IP is enabled by a new layer of software utilities, the Tessent Embedded Software Development Kit (Embedded SDK), that allow SoCs to be equipped with self-contained monitoring and analytics capabilities. The Embedded SDK allows embedded applications running on a supervisory CPU within an SoC to talk to the Tessent Embedded Analytics IP – and to gather and analyze behavioral data from across the chip.

Learn why designers around the world use Tessent Embedded Analytics IP and Tessent Embedded SDK to raise the quality of their SoCs and get them to market faster:

These resources spotlight a number of key applications like automotive, 5G, and AI/ML/edge. They provide an overview of Embedded Analytics technology and how it provides a scalable, flexible, and powerful platform for system-level monitoring and analytics of the functions of an SoC. We introduce the Embedded SDK and describe how it provides a way to configure and control Embedded Analytics IP from within the SoC itself – and to process the resulting system-level behavioral data in an application layer running on a CPU. We provide example use cases of the Embedded SDK in automotive, at the edge, and in 5G applications.

The introduction of Tessent Embedded SDK marks a fundamental shift of analytic insight from the lab to the final product, enhancing the value of any device into which it is deployed. The data gathered from onboard analytics will enable a whole new class of applications, bringing value to the designer, the manufacturer and ultimately the user. Meanwhile, the decisions taken by application code running on top of the Embedded SDK based on such data will mitigate against errors, anomalies, and cyberattacks, protecting the system around it and potentially saving lives.

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