How to Reuse your JT Data through Online 3D Visualization

From a user’s perspective, easily getting to the right set of information is the key to success. Exposing the user to 3D visualization in conjunction with other information reduces ambiguity and lets them get their job done easier

Markup and share your JT data

Markup and share your JT data using JT2Go Supplier Edition

JT2Go has been unanimously embraced by industry leaders as the premier free viewing tool for JT data.

Light bulb moment: Visualize 3D JT data freely in a model based enterprise

Innovation and the Model Based Enterprise Effect

Today, we’re in the midst of a digital Industrial Revolution. Model based designs using JT data and a model based enterprise will fuel it the way light and electricity did in Edison’s day.

Teamcenter Visualization

Review designs in VR with Teamcenter Visualization

Streamline collaboration on 2D and 3D designs with all stakeholders using Teamcenter Visualization. Use VR to enhance your design process.

Model Based Definition

Model Based Definition and the Pathway to Innovation

Model based definition with JT for maximum impact.

Perform Design Reviews Within An Immersive Virtual Reality Environment

Improve your productivity during design by allowing users to interact with the product in an immersive virtual reality environment

For a long time, 3D models displayed on your monitor have…

RapidAuthor Teamcenter

Save time with new RapidAuthor 14.1 features

RapidAuthor 14.1 for Teamcenter, a software solution for authoring and publishing technical documentation, is now available. Version 14.1 comes with improvements in the data import process, support for S1000D in Teamcenter Service Planner integration, and makes it easier to work with JT format. New features for editing 2D and 3D illustrations and XML text are also included.

New Look: Technical Publications in Active Workspace

You can now create your technical publications in Active Workspace. Teamcenter Content Management and RapidAuthor for Teamcenter now support component…

Navigate 3D models with Visual Reporting

Speed up Decision-Making with Visual Reporting

In most product data management systems, product and process data are presented in lists, tables, and charts. As a result,…