Markup and share your JT data using JT2Go Supplier Edition

JT2Go is the industry-leading tool for free viewing of JT data. With its ease of download and installation, JT2Go fills the basic requirements for collaboration with JT files. It is heavily adopted by the JT user community for a wide range of use cases. JT2Go features include a 3D display of model geometry, product structure display, measurement capabilities, and full access to Product Manufacturing Information and Model Views.  

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to download an app that looks just like JT2Go but has a few more features? Have you ever been using JT2Go and got to a point where you really want to be able to save the measurements and snap shots you made? Your suppliers could save time creating markups on their JT data using a tool they are familiar with. A tool that looks just like JT2Go. Most important, you want to do all these things without having to contact a salesperson, just download it from a store when you need it. JT2Go Supplier Edition can address these topics, and more. Read on to see how JT2Go Supplier editions can work for you.

JT2Go users often wish they could markup a concept or illustrate an idea then save it as a session for others to see. JT2Go Supplier Edition provides an easy path to features that can support this need.

With JT2Go supplier edition you can; perform 2D and 3D markup, view comprehensive CAE results and save session files as .vf .vfz or .plmxml .

Users have access to the same markup features provided with Siemens industry leading Teamcenter Visualization products;

3D – Markups

  • Line/arrow, Freehand scribble, Rectangle, Polyline, Polygon, Ellipse, Inset Image, Rubber Stamp (from stored definitions, symbols)
  • GD&T markups
  • Advanced text markup; access JT attributes
  • Persistence – add a markup layer, save session

2D – Markups

  • Line/arrow, Freehand scribble, Rectangle, Polyline, Polygon, Ellipse, Inset Image, Rubber Stamp (from stored definitions)
  • GD&T markups
  • Persistence – add a markup layer, save session

Want to see JT2Go Supplier Edition in action, watch this short video.

Users can easily download and install JT2Go Supplier Edition by going directly to the Siemens Digital Exchange.

For more comprehensive support of JT data and workflows check out other Visualization blog posts and Teamcenter Visualization’s full suite of offerings.

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