✅ Teamcenter 2406 Beta recap

By Swapnil Gulhane

Thank you to all participants for helping us shape the future of Teamcenter!

2024 Teamcenter beta event was marked by a great attendance and engagement:

🌐 1000+ users engaged in Demo week
💻 800+ customers joined Beta program
🏨 35+ business scenarios tested
👩🏻‍💻 70+ customers attended in person
✅ 4000+ hours exploring new features

📆 2024 Teamcenter Beta Testing Event

April 2 – 5     ➡ New features – intros and demos
April 8 – 12   ➡ Beta internal testing
April 15 – 19 ➡ Beta customer testing


Change Management with
merge and revert capabilities
How to eliminate the error-prone and time-consuming methods to revert an assembly bill of material (BOM) to a previous state using the new revert capabilities
How to drive engineering efficiency by merging engineering bill of materials (BOM) modifications
 from multiple changes with release effectivity
Exciting new features for CPG customersBOM Management for formulated products and Materials management for CPG products
Teamcenter App for Microsoft TeamsPerform Teamcenter tasks in Microsoft Teams and create Problem Reports
Supplier ConnectPreview of how Supplier Connect enables suppliers to initiate data exchange with OEMs
Semiconductor Lifecycle Management (SLcM)Efficient way of managing reliability test planning and validation for semiconductor devices within SLcM
Enabling the Semiconductor customers to complete HARA and FMEDA analysis of Functional safety (as per ISO26262) within SLcM
Capital Asset Lifecycle Management (CALM)Elevating brown field operation and maintenance by using reality data capture and visualization
Empowering Innovation through advanced CAD 3D model aggregation and visualization using IFC standard
Xpedition, NX PCB design and library integration Interact between Xpedition (EDM), NX, and Teamcenter to visualize 2D and 3D representations
of electrical components and designs. 
Optimize requirement authoring Create new requirements with less mouse clicks, using enhanced keyboard shortcuts for creating new sibling and child requirements–including promoting and demoting. 
Work with the new streamlined requirement view without item IDs and titles.
Flexible unit management
 with pre-configured libraries
Work with the new Unit Management System, which provides OOTB units and the ability to import new units.
Design your own unit display sets for metric or imperial, and see the values change as you use
a simple preference to switch between the available unit display sets. 
NX IntegrationNX Integration


Smart Discovery and PartitionsSee what’s new in Smart Discovery & Partitions for the 2312 and 2406 releases
Reference DesignatorsView and manage multiple reference designators on a single bomline
Import structure error handlingEnhanced error reporting for excel structure import
Flexible layouts and improved context bar for structuresUser interface layout improvements for structures
Multi-domain EBOMManage comprehensive Multi-domain EBOM consisting of Electrical and Electronics parts
published from Xpedition and Mentor integrations along with Mechanical and Software parts
Color BOM ManagementManage color rules for less finish/generic parts and automate generation of color parts in your EBOM (Assembly or Usage based) and configure/solve for color product variant that will exclude generic parts from the results 
EBOM with Aligned DesignsAuthor and Manage Product EBOM with aligned Designs using Bottoms Up and Top Down Methodology under Active Change
Easy Plan – Manufacturing BOM Manager (MBM)Author MBOM and align it with EBOM. Organize MBOM based on the manufacturing requirements. Check impact, analyse and align the changes in Engineering BOM to Manufacturing BOM


JT assembly exchange with Briefcase BrowserExchange design in CAD-neutral JT format, with suppliers and partners who uses a different CAD system
PDX Export from Active WorkspaceControl the content while exporting  data in PDX format from Active Workspace.
Manage Classification hierarchy and Class Definitions using Classification ManagerUse Classification Manager application for managing Classification Hierarchy and Classification Definitions.
Efficiently manage properties and keyLOVs in classification manager application.
Scripted Business LogicSimplified server-side customization using C Sharp that provides a rapid and modern development experience.
Information ArchitectureLearn about user experience enhancements making Teamcenter more efficient, intuitive and powerful.
Flexible multi-panel layouts enable powerfule user interactions previously only available in the Rich Client. 
Reduce mouse travel with more intuitive command placement.
UI Builder and XRT EditorDefine new pages, indicators and workspaces using the UI Builder.  Use the XRT editor with injection.
Deployment CenterUpdates to Deployment Center for installation and maintenance of a Teamcenter environment.
AI Intelligent Q&A with TeamcenterIntroducing an intelligent question  and answer co-pilot  powered by artificial intelligence and large language models
Leveraging the co-pilot’s comprehensive understanding of the documents uploaded to Teamcenter,
while ensuring the security and confidentiality of uploaded documents
Enhancements in search and indexingReview of enhancements in search and indexing
Unified folders and projectsExperience the new Teamcenter Explorer interface where you can efficiently manage project data and membership, create and manage projects and membership,  instantly access all folders and projects all from  one interface for greater efficiency
Comprehensive AI Demo; Natural Language, Classification, Q&A 
Attribute Level Security 
Teamcenter X Self Admin 
RAC Transition Topics – Deep copy, transfer of ownership, accurate scrollbar 


Leverage MBSE parameters
in simulation workflows 
Realize end-to-end workflows where requirements are verified with simulation by consuming the associated early design parameters and returning simulated performance to compare them to predefined product targets
Compare and automatically
 update CAE structures 
Compare CAE structures to CAD structures and automatically carry over any changes to the CAD structure using a rule based mapping mechanism that will account for changed, removed, added parts.
Improved User Experience for Simulation usersAccess and use Simulation Data more easily in your standard processes and leverage new and
enhanced functionality to leverage data traceability and change.


Augmented Reality with Frontline SpatialHow can you build Augmented Reality Work instructions with data from Teamcenter using Frontline Spatial
Enterprise Clearance ManagementHow to visualize, interrogate & disposition your clearance incidents with no client install – all inside
Active Workspace Visualization
Teamcenter Visualization X -Cloud based Visualization & DMUNew set of Visualization products leveraging cloud updates & upgrades ensuring connectivity
to Teamcenter X with flexible licensing mechanisms
Visualize & Cross Probe between
Mechanical & Electrical
Ensure you can visualize 3D mechanical in combination with logical from Mentor
to better understand cross disciplinary dependencies 
Active Workspace Visualization – Functional & Performance improvementsReview the latest enhancements to Client Side Rendering 
MMV – how to make
Active Workspace Visualization go really fast
Sneak preview of enhancements we are working towards to provide
another boost to your Active Workspace Visualization experience

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