Solid Edge User Meet India 2022.3 Recap

By Santosh Devrukhakar

I had the chance to attend the most recent Solid Edge User Meet in India. The event was hosted jointly by Excel Design Technologies and Siemens Digital Industries Software on September 2. The event was held virtually and lasted about two hours. It provided attendees an opportunity to exchange Solid Edge software knowledge and connect with others users across industries and geographies.

My field notes from the meet

Normally, Solid Edge User Meets are defined for specific topics in Solid Edge. This time around, the focus was on all things sheet metal design in Solid Edge. The meeting started with an introduction of the team from Siemens and Excel Design Technologies, followed by a fun quiz that evaluated the know-how of the participants on different areas of sheet metal functionality in Solid Edge.

After the quiz, the Excel Design Technologies team walked us through some of the recent additions in Solid Edge for Sheet Metal Design, mainly around features like the Multi Flange command, enhancements to Lofted Flange, Design for Cost, etc. In addition, the team also shared additional capabilities of Solid Edge such as 2D nesting and manufacturing (CAM), which can help manufacturers like us to fabricate and machine parts using Solid Edge. 

Once this was covered, the meeting was made open for all the participants to discuss and share their thoughts, ask questions, and much more. During this time, the team was addressing many points which were raised while noting down any possible enhancements, as time allowed.

Screenshot of MS Teams window from Solid Edge User Meet 2022.3
The user meet was hosted virtually, and was attended Solid Edge users from various companies and industries.

During the session, many people raised interesting questions, including myself. Team members from Siemens and Excel Design Technologies continuously addressed our questions during the session, which was a great example of why these events are so valuable: you’re able to get feedback right away, and more clearly than waiting on someone to respond to a support request. The team also noted down some of the suggestions from users for new features and enhancements to consider as part of future releases.

Overall, it was a great Solid Edge User Meet and an excellent opportunity to meet with all the other Solid Edge users who attended. I’m looking forward to joining in the next user meet in India!

Highlights from Solid Edge User Meet 2022.3

  • Interactive discussion on Solid Edge Sheet Metal Design capabilities
  • Quick quiz with interesting questions
  • Answers/solutions provided by the community and Siemens team and partners
  • Excellent support from Siemens Solution Partner Excel Design Technologies

About Excel Design Technologies

Excel Design Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Siemens solution partner and reseller of Siemens Digital Industries Software products in India. The company started its operations in India in 2014, and is focused on Solid Edge, Simcenter Femap, and Solid Edge CAM Pro software from Siemens.


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