Solid Edge CAD OEM: MCAD platform for software development from Siemens

By David Chadwick

Solid Edge OEM is a mechanical CAD software toolkit that allows 3rd party developers to create their own unique, industry specific software applications using Solid Edge as the mechanical CAD base. Developers can customize the Solid Edge interface to include their own set of engineering tools. They can also use their own images and logos to deliver a distinctive branded product to their marketplace based on this CAD OEM solution.

Unique advantages of Solid Edge OEM

Some of the advantages of using Solid Edge as the basis for your application include:

  • Create higher value-add solutions for your market without having to create a new CAD system
  • Access the proven features of Solid Edge Foundation for comprehensive mechanical CAD capabilities
  • Solid Edge, and your application, is based on the widely used Parasolid modeling kernel. This gives your application highly accurate data compatibility with the many other software applications that use Parasolid
  • The market-leading synchronous technology of Solid Edge delivers a key advantage to OEMs, enabling the seamless creation, editing and exchange of traditional history-based, history-free, and hybrid solid models
  • License any combination of the Solid Edge Part, Assembly and Drafting environments. OEMs only need to license the modules(s) you need
  • Use the Solid Edge API to add your own application capabilities. The API has full documentation and examples
  • Use your own logos and branding to deliver a distinctive, self-branded product to your marketplace

Shining 3D using Solid Edge OEM to add- value to their hardware solutions

One example of a company who is delivering applications based on Solid Edge OEM is Shining 3D. Shining 3D is a supplier of 3D scanners and additive manufacturing equipment. They are using Solid Edge OEM to add significant value to their hardware products by bundling comprehensive mechanical CAD capabilities. These include the ability to create surface and solid models from data captured by their 3D scanners, and the ability to prepare 3D CAD models for 3D printing using their additive manufacturing hardware.

According to Li Tao, CEO of Shining 3D: “At Shining 3D we see the importance of driving digitalization for our customers, providing them with a seamless end to end solution from 3D scanning to design and optimization through to 3D Print.  Solid Edge OEM provides unique capabilities … and enables us to rapidly deliver this compelling value to our customers.”

You can download a data sheet and register your interest in Solid Edge OEM here.

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