New in Solid Edge 2024: Solid Edge Design Configurator 

By Kyzmen Wood

Bring real-time product configuration direct to customers

This year, we’re taking a deep dive into everything that’s new in the Solid Edge 2024 release in a series of blog posts focused on the most noteworthy new features and enhancements. In this post, we’ll cover the enhancements to Solid Edge Design Configurator. 

Being able to configure an existing assembly without having to create a brand-new one each time we need a new design could be a big timesaver. Solid Edge Design Configurator could really help our engineers streamline assembly customization.

Michael Orr, Aerial 

Enhancements in Solid Edge Design Configurator continue to improve your product design with preconfigured models that allow you to quickly and easily place intelligent datasets for ladders, conveyors and enclosures directly into your design. New workflow model actions and commands allow you more freedom when configuring assemblies, bringing you real-time product configuration and boosting design speed. 

Preconfigured datasets for ladders, conveyers, and enclosures  

Preconfigured datasets for ladders, conveyers and enclosures can be directly inserted and manipulated inside the main assembly with Solid Edge Design Configurator. As intelligent datasets with predefined rules, a vast array of preconfigured models can be placed and automatically adjusted to match the assembly to help simplify workflows, improve productivity and boost design speed,. One of the most requested customer features, preconfigured models downloaded from the Siemens Support Center can now be directly inserted and manipulated in the assembly at no cost to Solid Edge Design Configurator users. 

New workflow model actions 

With the new “Call Subassembly” command, alongside the “Place Part Model” and “Loop Action” commands, full subassemblies can be placed and configured right on the spot inside the main assembly. This new workflow model action category enables more freedom for grouping model actions and looping. Using the new workflow model actions, Solid Edge Design Configurator can automatically calculate the number of conveyors and other components needed to match your specifications, and brand-new assembly lines can be quickly built with ease. 

The new capability to read from Excel files and external databases for input data and model actions allows you to automatically complete assembly lines in a fraction of the time. By reading the necessary conveyor placement data from an Excel file, Solid Edge Design Configurator instantly configures and completes the assembly line with just one click. 

All of these new features and enhancements in Solid Edge 2024, along with many more, were announced during our live premiere on October 11. 

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