New in Solid Edge 2024: Solid Edge Design Configurator Connect

By Kyzmen Wood

Bring real-time product configuration direct to customers 

This year, we’re taking a deep dive into everything that’s new in the Solid Edge 2024 release in a series of blog posts focused on the most noteworthy new features and enhancements. In this post, we introduce the new Solid Edge Design Configurator Connect. 

Connect your engineering processes with sales and marketing, streamlining design workflows with the new Solid Edge Design Configurator Connect. The user-friendly, web-based configurator manages the most complex pricing and product configuration, allowing users to configure online in any browser simply and easily.  

Instantly configure and deliver customizable products 

In a constantly evolving market that requires quick response time to changing trends, delivering unique products can be time-consuming, costly and prone to errors. With Solid Edge Design Configurator Connect, you can quickly and easily manage the most complex pricing and product configuration – all within a secure, online browser. 

By creating a new catalog for a product line, sales teams can design a unique product based off customer preference, assuring greater accuracy and flexibility. The catalog can be customized with important details, such as currency, price, dates, part number and other relevant information required by and for the customer. The ability to import Excel files using Solid Edge Design Configurator Connect allows you to automatically link specific details from the file with your product line, and the web configuration begins as you import the rules and fields straight from your configured assembly to the browser. 

Automatically generate sales documentation 

Solid Edge Design Configurator Connect enables you to connect your engineering processes with sales and marketing and automatically generate sales documentation from configured products to quickly deliver accurate, customized sales quotes. Generated sales documentation can include a bill of materials (BOM), catalog information, commercial documentation and 3D models.  

Standard templates can be defined for your sales team to use for sales quotes and contract documents, ensuring the inclusion of all important information. These templates can be customized with various layouts, images, logos and customer information alongside the configured product. The standardization of your sales documentation is crucial for maintaining a strong, reliable company image and reputation. 

All of these new features and enhancements in Solid Edge 2024, along with many more, were announced during our live premiere on October 11. 

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