New in Solid Edge 2023: Solid Edge SaaS

By Akos Owusu-Korkor

This year, we’re taking a deep dive into everything that’s new in the Solid Edge 2023 release in a series of blog posts focused on the most noteworthy new features and enhancements. In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about our all-new Solid Edge SaaS subscription offering.

Solid Edge 2023 introduces a complete set of product development software tools and capabilities to help designers and engineers create, connect, and collaborate like never before. Solid Edge 2023 delivers a new and improved user experience, greater interoperability across the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio of products and services, improved CAD/CAM capabilities, and seamless collaboration across the entire product development process, from design through to manufacturing.

What is Solid Edge SaaS?

Solid Edge SaaS (now available in Solid Edge 2023) gives users a connection to the cloud and the opportunity to access software and services based on your specific needs. This allows you to lower your IT overhead, manage costs, and easily scale your business. Solid Edge SaaS allows you to:

Solid Edge SaaS & Teamcenter Share
Meet Yanu, an AI-powered robot bartender, modeled in Solid Edge represented in Teamcenter Share

Collaboration enhancements in Solid Edge 2023

Thanks to the power of Teamcenter Share, Solid Edge 2023 introduces new enhancements integrated with your Solid Edge SaaS subscription that improve collaboration with your teams, partners, and customers. Collaboration commenting, expanded view and markup support for additional file types, and enhanced search capabilities make collaborating easier than ever before.

Collaboration commenting, which is supported at the project, task, and file level, empowers colleagues, partners, and customers to communicate more efficiently. Collaborating across multiple deliverables requires many conversations. With the ability to converse more intently, while also tracking those conversations, collaboration commenting tools ensure efficient communication while promoting productivity and synergy.

Expand your search and find exactly the files you need with new Shopping-style Search. With filtering properties such as, file name, file type, owner, date modified, and more, the fresh search tools increase productivity by delivering a familiar search experience.

Teamcenter Share improves collaboration between teams, partners, and customers., including collaboration commenting, expanded view and markup support for additional file types, and enhanced search capabilities.

Project management, simplified

Teamcenter Share introduces new tools to simplify project management, including a modern dashboard and Kanban boards. The new, modern dashboard helps users understand the status of project deliverables at a glance, via the Teamcenter Share home page.

Kanban boards introduce new ways of working with your team. This intuitive tracking process helps visualize work and maximize efficiency by displaying projects and tasks as easy-to-understand cards that are organized into user-defined columns. The boards, which can be used on any device, are a helpful tool during team meetings to manage project progress. Adjustments can be made to a project or task by simple drag-and-drop interaction.

Increased integration

The benefits of Teamcenter Share grow with each additional subscription. Teamcenter Share continues to offer integration with a wider range of Solid Edge and other Siemens products. Over 2,000 Siemens software subscriptions, including several in the Solid Edge portfolio, are now integrated with Xcelerator Share.

The base plan includes 500GB of storage, each additional subscription increases online storage by 5GB. Access the Solid Edge add-on products you need, when you need them, with value-based licensing. No need for multiple purchases, this licensing option lets you choose which capabilities you want and when, while offering the flexibility to mix and match the add-on products as needed.

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