Playa-Rent: Paddleboards at Your Service

Turning Passion into Innovation with Solid Edge for Startups Imagine hitting the beach on a sunny day, eager to jump…

EWAKE’s Electric Jet Boards Revolutionize Watersports with Solid Edge

EWAKE, a visionary company in watersports, has made waves with its groundbreaking three-jet electric jet boards. With Solid Edge as…

Marine projects undertaken by Tucker Yacht Design

Tucker Yacht Design: Solid Edge enables fast completion of diverse marine projects

Tucker Yacht Design has offices in New York and San Diego and has been using Solid Edge for 6 years as their primary tool for the design of recreational yachts and commercial marine craft and equipment. They oversee marine projects from concept design to manufacturing and commissioning.

Human and robot hands touching

Axosuits takes exoskeletons from sci-fi to medical and industrial markets

Body augmentation and exoskeletons have been a part of sci-fi lore for ages. But the current market for robotic ‘exosuits’ has a more practical application than sci-fi and mech warrior games

Startup manufacturer developing lighter, more powerful fuel cells

Providing revolutionary power generation and propulsion systems is the focus for JALVASUB Engineering based in Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain.For the design of their marine vehicles, propulsion and power-generation systems, JALVASUB Engineering’s engineers are using Solid Edge.

Startup Spotlight: Forty1 Kitesurfing

Forty1 Kitesurfing, a UK-based startup, relies on Solid Edge to develop the Hydrofin™, a set of low-profile hydrofoils, which enables kitesurfers to ride in lighter winds and shallower waters