Complex CAD assembly modeling made easy: Expert-approved tutorials and techniques

By Anthony Johnson

As product designs become more and more complex, the number of parts in CAD assemblies usually grows. Whether the assembly you’re working with has 1,000 parts, or 100,000+ parts, it is important to get the most out of your CAD solution to maximize productivity and ensure optimal performance of your assemblies. In this series of short videos created by expert CAD blogger, Matt Lombard, you will learn about helpful techniques and best practices for modeling assemblies of all sizes with Solid Edge.

Introduction to Solid Edge Assemblies

In this video, Matt guides you through the process of getting started with Solid Edge assemblies and compares some of the basic concepts with similar functionality in other CAD solutions. The video introduces how to work with mates, relations, aligning parts, and other basic concepts.

Solid Edge Family of Assemblies

Solid Edge Family of Assemblies (similar to assembly configurations in other popular CAD software) allow you to easily create variations of assemblies. In this video, Matt explores the basics of this functionality in Solid Edge, including Alternate Position and Alternate Assemblies.

Solid Edge Family of Parts

In this video, Matt demonstrates how to create a Family of Parts in Solid Edge, including how to use variable tables to drive ordered or synchronous parts to create variations of Solid Edge parts.

Pre-positioning parts and applying relations and mates

In this video, Matt explores how to use pre-positioning for Solid Edge parts in assemblies to easily apply assembly relations, how to use Flash Fit functionality for optimal results, and some of the similarities and differences from methods used in other CAD software.

Using the View manipulation tools in Solid Edge

In this video, Matt demonstrates how to use view manipulation tools in Solid Edge, such as Menus, View Cube, Mouse, and RMB commands, as well as how to use 3dconnexion (SpaceMouse 3D motion controller) devices to improve productivity.

Create and manage large assemblies without sacrificing performance

When it comes to large assembly modeling, Solid Edge puts you at the top of your game by helping you quickly and easily create and manage even the largest assemblies, without lags or crashes. Solid Edge provides you with all the tools you need to work more efficiently in assemblies, whether your CAD model has 10 parts, 13,000 parts, or even 2.5 million parts. You can use Solid Edge to create exact representations of all components—including tubes, pipes, wires, weldments, and sheet metal—in a complete digital mockup that allows for more accurate design and analysis. Solid Edge also helps you quickly detect and fix clash and interference issues, generate assembly instructions, and conduct customer reviews—reducing the need for costly physical prototypes.

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