“We want you to benchmark our car”

By Adele Dolique

“I want to tell you about the day I better understood my customer’s challenges and hence my job. I was Business Developer at Simcenter Engineering Services, leading projects on vehicle energy management for OEMs. One day, I had a discussion with a client which changed everything. This customer reached excellent results in terms of the fuel efficiency of their vehicle. Nevertheless, what they asked for was, surprisingly, this: “We want you to benchmark our car”.

You need to know that this customer’s vehicle generation X was one of the best cars on the market, generation Y was out-performing… but… they did not know how they achieved it! Hundreds of physical modifications, independently performed by dozens of teams responsible for their own components. How to duplicate an unknown puzzle during Generation Z development cycle…?”

Capture the concept of vehicle energy management analysis

That’s how Gaétan Bouzard, co-host of the webinar Aiming to optimize your vehicle energy management? , starts his presentation aiming at explaining how to capture the concept of vehicle energy management analysis. There are 3 main things to keep in mind:

  • Consider a vehicle as a whole, with all components integrated
  • Overall energy consumption is easy to compute, energy distribution is not… You should track your energy and not only compute it
  • Multi-physics must be considered, we work on mechatronic systems which also include control aspects

To do so, when energy is not physically accessible (or humanly not accessible) vehicle OEMs can virtually compute it. Efficiency of a vehicle development process comes then from the correct balance between testing and modeling effort to maximize energy map resolution.

During that webinar Gaétan walks you through the energy management world and explains how using Simcenter portfolio, product and services, enables you to effectively find the right architecture tradeoff that considers all performance attributes to improve your vehicle energy management.

Capture the concept of vehicle energy management analysis

Perform a competitive benchmark by comparing your own vehicle

Then, Constantin Bonamour, – Business Development Manager, takes over to present how you can also perform a competitive benchmark by comparing your own vehicle with the competition, thanks to study achieved using extensive instrumentation and testing campaign, performed by the Simcenter Engineering Consulting and Services team.

Perform a competitive benchmark by comparing your own vehicle

For more information, you can download the attached factsheet or join our webinar series Simulation for optimal vehicle energy management

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