Testing in the digital age | Virtual Conference Europe 2021

By Alex Vermeulen

Learn how testing is evolving with the digital revolution!

I started to work as a test engineer around 30 years ago. At the beginning of my career, I was mainly focusing on durability and material strength testing. During these days, I was gluing strain gages to test wind turbines, railway bougies, trolley busses and so on. All these were extensive and long test campaigns. They used to require a lot of instrumentation and testing work. Data validation and processing into meaningful insights was another lengthy process. Another challenge was to correlate the test results with simulation models.

Luckily today, we can run such test campaigns by using digital cameras and image processing techniques. There is no need to glue any strain gages anymore. In this way, you can deliver not only tens or hundreds of data points but thousands or ten thousands points. And, we can even use this data as an input for modal analysis.

Testing has also been tightly integrated within simulation. Now, we can take data from locations that are difficult (or even impossible) to measure, by using virtual sensors in simulation models. What’s more, we can run these models inside the test application to directly combine them with test data measured to perform true hybrid testing.

These are just two examples of how we have made amazing technological progress in many domains!

Are you interested to discover other testing technology developments and see how testing is growing in importance in the digital age? Join us for a virtual conference “Testing in the digital age” on March 2nd, 2021.

Testing in the digital age - Virtual conference
Testing in the digital age: Join and learn about the latest updates in physical testing

Why should you join?

This free-of-charge conference offers three parallel industry tracks and HERE are the personal invitations from the moderators.

  • Automotive/Transport & Heavy Equipment
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Industrial Machinery

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Next to this, a separate demo track offers you the possibility to watch product demos throughout the day. Our product experts will host the demo-chat during the full day to answer your product technical questions.

Our industry-leading experts will moderate the sessions, where you can expect the product specialists and engineering experts. You will learn about the key role of testing in the full engineering cycle in conjunction with the simulation solutions. And of course, all sessions will be packed with application examples, actionable advice and meaningful tips.

Looking forward to seeing you there

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Alex Vermeulen

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