GVT Master Class: 3 Reasons why you should attend the next edition

By marta_s

Avoid flutters in your knowledge

We all are somehow part of the fast-spinning world of technical innovation and keeping up with changes has never been more important.  Consequently, earning a university degree is just a start. For most of us, many trainings are yet to come. From this perspective, I appreciate that companies offer to their customers an access to the latest knowledge and education, provided by the top experts in the field. The GVT Master Class is a good example of a training that is tailored to customers who are eager to expand their knowledge on ground vibration testing and modal analysis.

The GVT Master Class is a 4-day-long extensive training. It brings the trainees to the unique location of a military base, where the theoretical presentations are supported by live demonstrations of ground vibration tests on a fully instrumented F-16. The program is revised every edition to better correspond to the attendee’s needs and preferences. Here are the three main reasons you should not miss the edition.

#1: Meet the leading experts on ground vibration test performance
As part of its program, the GVT Master Class brings together top experts who are presenting an integrated approach on how to handle test preparation, modal testing, modal analysis, numerical model correlation, model updating, and model exploitation in order to avoid flutter on an aircraft. The Master Class hosts internationally recognized guest speakers, who share their expertise from an academic, industrial and institutional perspective. You can find all information on the 2018 agenda, the speakers and their lectures here.
You can be certain that the setup of this training offers you a special opportunity to meet face-to-face with the experts, ask any possible question, and engage in deep professional conversations.

GVT Master Class.png

GVT Master Class: Lectures

#2: Perform a groundvibration test under expert supervision
As a course participant, you can directly apply the knowledge acquired in the previous days during the hands-on session. On the last day of the training, all participants review the full testing process and learn how to perform the tests in the most efficient way on a scale model of an aircraft. Working in small groups enables everybody to take an active part in this workshop. The speakers take up the role of supervisors to guide you through the physical tests and advise you on methods and best practices.

GVT Master Class Hands-on training.png

GVT Master Class: Hands-on workshop

#3: Broaden your professional network in aviation
The GVT Master Class aims at strengthening your network and creating an inspiring space where innovation happens. Meet professionals who share the same interests as you and broaden your network to exchange insights and best practices. Remember: the social evening program is also a crucial part of the Master Class.

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