Systems Tomorrow: Software & Automotive – The Future Car on E/E Systems Part 4

By Conor Peick

The disruption experienced by the automotive industry is well documented, and industry participants are busy working out the best ways in which they can create value, innovate, and position themselves at the forefront of the industry. For OEMs, a major focus is the development of brand new E/E and software architectures, designed to scale and support advanced features and functionalities. At the same time, suppliers are hoping to establish themselves as experts on delivering complex vehicle features, such as self-driving. Throughout the industry, the result is a growing emphasis on E/E systems and software demanding new product development methods that blur the old boundaries between all vehicle domains.

Listen to the new episode of the Future Car series on E/E systems below:

Systems Tomorrow: Software & Automotive

The automotive industry landscape has changed drastically in the last few years and the players have changed their approach too. An industry that was largely comfortable with the status quo has now adjusted to meet the current complex needs profitably by leveraging advances in technology. Companies are now putting more emphasis on versatility, specialization, and innovation so as to add the most value to their products compared to their competitors.

Over the last three episodes, we’ve examined all the major trends affecting automotive E/E systems development. Today, we pivot that discussion to begin talking about what the future is going to look like, how E/E architectures and vehicles are going to evolve, what new challenges will the vehicles of tomorrow introduce, and how will companies transform to meet these new challenges.

Joining me once again are Doug Burcicki – the Global Director of the Automotive & Transportation Heavy Equipment Industries, within Integrated Electrical Systems, part of the Siemens Digital Industries Software – and Dan Scott, the Marketing Director within Integrated Electrical Systems.

Tune in, to learn more about the future landscape of the automotive industry.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How the employee landscape changes. (00:57)
  • What organizations focus on post-COVID. (05:47)
  • The role played by corporate culture in the adoption of tools. (08:24)
  • The expectations of the younger generation around the workplace environment. (10:25)
  • The future of E/E systems. (13:57)
  • The different business models OEMs can approach. (17:23)
  • How the new trends in the automotive industry affect the E/E architecture and the development of E/E systems. (23:54)
  • The reasons why virtual simulation validation is a rapidly growing area. (29:41)
  • Why dealerships will be obsolete in the future. (32:49)

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Doug Burcicki - Global Director Automotive & Transportation - Integrated Electrical Systems

Doug Burcicki – Global Director Automotive & Transportation – Integrated Electrical Systems

Doug Burcicki is the Automotive Market Director for the IES team at Siemens. Prior to, Doug was Director, Advanced Business Development at Yazaki, a globally focused role in which he was responsible for identification of Product and Technology trends resultant from Market, Regulatory and Economic indicators. He established a global process for prioritization of R&D projects, resources and investment as opposed to disparate regional strategies and built the business case to enable and support new portfolio development. Prior to this Doug was Vice President for the Yazaki General Motors BU responsible for global P&L, sales strategy and overall customer relationship driving significant success at the account. Doug holds a Masters in Automotive Engineering (Mechanical focus) from Lawrence Technological University, MAE and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Wayne State University, BSEE.

Dan Scott - Marketing Director - Integrated Electrical Systems Division

Dan Scott – Marketing Director – Integrated Electrical Systems Division

Dan Scott is the Marketing Director for Integrated Electrical Systems at Siemens Digital Industries Software. He is responsible for Capital, Siemens’ E/E systems development portfolio.  This encompasses E/E architecture, electrical systems, communication networks and AUTOSAR embedded software products. He has experience working for OEM’s, suppliers and consultancies in the auto and aero industries, including at Ricardo, Frost EV Systems, Tata Motors and Rolls-Royce. He has published several academic & industry papers on vehicle electrification and system optimisation.

Conor Peick - Thought Leadership Writer

Conor Peick – Thought Leadership Writer

The Future Car Podcast Podcast

The Future Car Podcast

Transportation plays a big part in our everyday life and with autonomous and electric cars, micro-mobility and air taxis to name a few, mobility is changing at a rate never before seen. On the Siemens Future Car Podcast we interview industry leaders creating our transportation future to inform our listeners in an entertaining way about the evolving mobility landscape and the people that are helping us realize it. Guests range from C-Level OEM executives, mobility startup founders/CEO’s, pioneers in AI law, Formula 1 drivers and engineers, Smart Cities architects, government regulators and many more. Tune in to learn what will be in your mobility future.

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