The Digital Transformation of Battery Manufacturing – Ep. 5

By Nick Finberg

The battery industry is both unique and will depend on many of the innovations from other industries to hit key targets. Namely, digital transformation will play a critical role in helping suppliers, manufacturers, and OEMs accelerate production sustainably and meet the expected market demand for batteries. For episode five of the Battery Podcast, I sit down with our resident host and battery expert Puneet Sinha (Senior Director of Battery Industry at Siemens Digital Industries Software) and our guest Magnus Edholm, who drives the Digital Enterprise at Siemens.

In the first half of our lengthy discussion, we cover the push for acceleration in the battery industry, where demand is expected to increase 14-fold by 2030 from what was needed only a few years ago. And before taking a break for part two, we also take time to cover the scale of what these expectations mean for a manufacturing environment. Gigafactories are huge facilities, but businesses need the same level of understanding or better to harness their potential over smaller facilities.

What you’ll learn:

  • [1:47] Why is Siemens focused on battery right now?
  • [4:03] What do manufacturers need to be successful?
  • [10:30] How are companies expected to scale to the market demand for batteries?
  • [18:19] What are companies doing to optimize their IT/OT processes for the floor?

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Puneet Sinha - Host

Puneet Sinha – Host

Senior Director of Battery Industry at Siemens Digital Industries Software

Magnus Edholm - Guest

Magnus Edholm – Guest

Driving the Digital Enterprise @ Siemens

Nick Finberg - Moderator

Nick Finberg – Moderator

Technical marketing writer at Siemens Digital Industries Software

The Battery Podcast Podcast

The Battery Podcast

The Battery Podcast from Siemens Digital Industries will discuss the challenges and advancements of the battery industry, from mining to recycling, with its continued growth to support transport electrification and energy storage. You will hear from Siemens experts, leading companies, our customers and partners, talking about key challenges of the industry and how to overcome them.  Listen in to learn more about how battery industry is looking to transform with digitalization to enable the development and large-scale manufacturing of safe and sustainable battery technologies of today and tomorrow.

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