Growing the battery ecosystem – Ep. 8

By Nick Finberg

Ecosystems are critical to every industry. While many established industries may only highlight the relationship between manufacturers and their suppliers, new or growing industries contain many more facets to success. For battery industry, this means research from universities, manufacturing practices from OEMs, optimized equipment from the machine builders, and partners like Siemens. Because of how rapidly the battery industry is growing, we wanted to highlight an amazing conversation with different industry voices for an episode of the Battery Podcast.

Moderated by Chris Brow, you will hear from Sebastian Wolf (COO of PowerCo), Dr. Stephan Witt (COO of Jagenberg), Dr. Heiner Heimes (Member of Institute Management RWTH Aachen University), and Michael Thomas (Senior VP of Factory Automation at Siemens). We hope you enjoy this great stage presentation if you couldn’t attend in person.

What you’ll learn:

  • [2:55] The challenge of creating new regionalized capacity
  • [9:25] What competition means in a new battery ecosystem
  • [12:50] Proving sustainability in the battery ecosystem
  • [19:50] Hopes for the next year in the battery ecosystem

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Chris Brow - Host

Chris Brow – Host

Artistry in Precision @ UCJ Entertainment / Presenter + Voiceover + Rapper

Sebastian Wolf - Guest

Sebastian Wolf – Guest

Chief Operating Officer – PowerCo SE

Dr. Stephan Witt - Guest

Dr. Stephan Witt – Guest

Chief Operating Officer – Jagenberg Group

Dr. Heiner Heimes - Guest

Dr. Heiner Heimes – Guest

Member of Institute Management RWTH Aachen University

Michael Thomas - Guest

Michael Thomas – Guest

Senior VP of Factory Automation at Siemens

The Battery Podcast Podcast

The Battery Podcast

The Battery Podcast from Siemens Digital Industries will discuss the challenges and advancements of the battery industry, from mining to recycling, with its continued growth to support transport electrification and energy storage. You will hear from Siemens experts, leading companies, our customers and partners, talking about key challenges of the industry and how to overcome them.  Listen in to learn more about how battery industry is looking to transform with digitalization to enable the development and large-scale manufacturing of safe and sustainable battery technologies of today and tomorrow.

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