Illustration of a PCB with text onscreen that says BONUS Episode - ECAD-MCAD collaboration

PCB design best practices: BONUS EPISODE – ECAD-MCAD Collaboration

Manufacturers are looking to minimize the cost of production, the time to market, and the number of respins for their…

Illustration of a chip with text onscreen that says: design and manufacturing collaboration

PCB design best practices: Design and manufacturing collaboration

When designers work in isolation, they increase the chances of the designs being sent back for non-compliance. They should try…

Illustration of a chip with text that says PCB design best practices: design automation.

PCB design best practices: Design automation

Today, companies are striving to minimize the time to market to maintain a competitive advantage. One of the strategies that…

text that says Library and design data management with an icon representing PCB design

PCB design best practices: Library and design data management

Improving design data management A big challenge that PCB designers face is the lack of organization of the data on…

Text that says ECAD MCAD Co-design

PCB design best practices: ECAD/MCAD co-design

Improving ECAD/MCAD co-design with IDX ECAD/MCAD co-design is important for companies that need to create powerful products fast and efficiently….

Close up of businessman hand using laptop keyboard and smartphone with glowing blue padlock hologram with forex chart and map on blurry outdoor background, Secure and online safety concept. Double exposure

Optimization and supply chain resilience

For the last 25 years, costs have been the driver for most businesses. As the supply chain was a stable…

Macro shot of the back side of a circuit board

Using intelligence to build a resilient supply chain

For the industry to continue being profitable and innovative, they have to create resilient supply chains. The high cost of…

Warehouse with High Shelves and Loader.

Building a resilient supply chain

For manufacturers to maximize profits from new products, they need to shorten their time to market. This requires production systems…

Electronic circuit board , Setup IC Supply chain

Trends across the printed circuit engineering industry

The changes in the last three years have made companies rethink how they design and manufacture their products. While the…