Power integrity and efficient PDN design

By Stephen V. Chavez

From voltage droops that threaten system stability to electromagnetic interference that disrupts signal integrity, engineers face countless obstacles in their quest for optimal Power Distribution Network (PDN)  performance. 

I’m your host, Steph Chavez, today, we’re diving into power integrity and designing Power Distribution Networks (PDNs) with our guest, Daniel Beeker. From his transformative journey under industry giants like Richard Hartley and Ralph Morrison to his current role as a technical director at NXP, Daniel is on a mission to empower engineers with insights into energy management and PDN design.

In this episode, you will learn about the foundational importance of power distribution in electronic design and uncover common challenges and pitfalls encountered in PDN design. You will also gain valuable insights into practical strategies for ensuring stable and efficient power delivery.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Power integrity and its impact on electronic systems. (5:15)
  • Traditional power supply design approaches and their limitations. (11:13)
  • PCB layout fundamentals and the “billion dollar mistake.”  (16:58)
  • Engineering education, PCB design, and EMC requirements. (28:18)
  • Challenges in designing small transistors for faster performance. (32:38)
  • Designing electronic circuits using triplets for efficient signal transmission. (37:38)
Daniel Beeker

Daniel Beeker

Technical Director at NXP Semiconductors

Stephen V. Chavez

Stephen V. Chavez

Principal Technical Product Marketing Manager

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