Digitalization and the future of vehicle performance engineering

Digitalization and the future of vehicle performance engineering (Episode 7)

What is the future of the digital twin in automotive? How to accelerate product design and get it right the…

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence … how does it work for simulation?

We explore the role of machine learning for simulation engineers, learning the key benefits and how you can adopt the methodology.

Bring your kid to work day

Testing the Performance of Electric Vehicles

In this episode, we discuss testing for electric vehicles. What are some of the key attributes? What are some common…

5 years of Simcenter

Podcast: The birth of Simcenter (Episode 4)

Step back 5 years to the birth of Simcenter and explore why they have been some of the most tumultuous in the history of our species.

The engineer of the future

Engineer of the future (Episode 3)

In the third episode of the Engineering Innovation podcast, we explore what the “engineer of the future” will look like,…

New science of digital materials

Podcast: What are digital twins made from? (Episode 2)

Digital materials for a digital transformation As engineers, we tend to take materials for granted. In most engineering projects materials…

Ride the digital wave with Simcenter

Ride the digital wave with CFD simulation

(Episode 1) People have been riding waves for more than 5000 years, which makes surfing one of the world’s oldest…