AI Spectrum – Exploring Siemens NX’s Smart Human Interactions Feature Part 1

By Spencer Acain

Imagine an engineering software that anticipates the commands you want to execute by studying your usage patterns. Such a feature would definitely decrease the design time as well as increase your overall user experience. That’s exactly what Siemens NX is doing thanks to its machine learning capabilities.

In this episode, the first part of two, Spencer Acain interviews Shirish More, Product Manager at Siemens Digital Industries Software, responsible for driving innovations inside Siemens NX. He’ll share with us how they are using AI to personalize NX users’ experience and improve productivity.

Tune in and learn more about how AI is transforming the world of mechanical engineering software.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The role played by AI in mechanical engineering software (01:34)
  • The direct benefits of using AI (02:12)
  • The meaning of personalization in the context of AI (05:41)
  • Areas where AI is being implemented to improve Siemens NX users’ experience (12:14)
Shirish More

Shirish More

Product Manager for Siemens NX

Spencer Acain

Spencer Acain

Technical Writer for Global Marketing at Siemens Digital Industries Software

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