Parasolid v33.1 release highlights

Parasolid v33.1 delivers a wide range of enhancements focussed on improving workflows for the wide range of applications built on Parasolid….

Parasolid version v33.0

Parasolid v33.0 Release Highlights

Parasolid v33.0 delivers a wide range of enhancements with a theme of extending complex classic…

Parasolid History of CAD

Parasolid in the History of CAD

Phil Nanson, manager of Parasolid components, has been talking to Ron Close at Shapr3D about…

Parasolid quality software developers.

Parasolid delivers 30 years of quality in industrial use

Computer-Aided Design software began to use Parasolid for geometric modeling at the dawn of the…

beautiful products

Designing more beautiful products just got easier

Humans appreciate beauty. This is true in all facets of life, including architecture, fashion, landscapes,…

lattice structure

Parasolid v32.1 Release Highlights

Parasolid v32.1 delivers initial support for lattice structures and continued expansion of Convergent Modeling™ functionality…

parasolid convergent modeling

Convergent Modeling – unifying incompatible technologies for 3D modeling

A new article discusses how Siemens Digital Industries Software has made dramatic advances in 3D…

Parasolid data exchange

Parasolid v32.0 Release Highlights

Parasolid v32.0 delivers support for Convergent Modeling™ on models containing a mix of both facet…

software startup shapr3d uses Parasolid and D-Cubed components

Software startup reduces risk and accelerates time-to-market with PLM Components

Congratulations to Shapr3D, the Budapest-based software startup that recently secured $6M in series A financing….