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PLM Components : an interview with CIMdata about Siemens’ open toolkits

Siemens interviews CIMdata about the PLM Components business…

Aero engine detail

Parasolid v34.1 release highlights

Parasolid v34.1 delivers enhancements across a wide range of classic, convergent and lattice modeling functionality to address the needs of…

Creating solid models with Parasolid in Vectorworks

How Parasolid helps Vectorworks designers make limitless designs

We invited Carter Hartong at Vectorworks to describe how Parasolid helps Vectorworks users make limitless designs

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Request further information, or your free 60-day evaluation of PLM Components

Discover leading software developer kits for 3D software application development with your free trial. Whether you’re developing new software, integrating…

With Geolus ISV you can offer shape based search in your applications

When your customers know two parts are similar a world of re-use possibilities opens The answers to many engineering questions…

Parasolid v33.1 release highlights

Parasolid v33.1 delivers a wide range of enhancements focussed on improving workflows for the wide range of applications built on Parasolid.

Parasolid version v33.0

Parasolid v33.0 Release Highlights

Parasolid v33.0 delivers a wide range of enhancements with a theme of extending complex classic functionality to operate on mixed…

Parasolid History of CAD

Parasolid in the History of CAD

Phil Nanson, manager of Parasolid components, has been talking to Ron Close at Shapr3D about the role Parasolid has played…

Parasolid quality software developers.

Parasolid delivers 30 years of quality in industrial use

Computer-Aided Design software began to use Parasolid for geometric modeling at the dawn of the 1990s, when the World Wide…