Parasolid delivers 30 years of quality in industrial use

By JonR

Computer-Aided Design software began to use Parasolid for geometric modeling at the dawn of the 1990s, when the World Wide Web was in its infancy and the first web browser had only just been invented. Today, the reach of Parasolid extends far beyond mechanical CAD. It provides geometric modeling capabilities for hundreds of applications and millions of end-users in commercial 3D design, manufacturing, engineering and AEC.

The enduring popularity of Parasolid owes much to an unrelenting focus on innovation, performance and stability. Parasolid quality has always ranked highly among our software vendor customers who want to leverage component technology for 3D modeling and data interoperability. This article discusses some of the investments we’ve made over the past thirty years to ensure Parasolid quality is as high as possible. Learn much more in our Parasolid Quality White Paper.

Software testing and validation

Parasolid is tested heavily to validate quality at every stage from development to release with zero tolerance for regressions.

Parasolid quality testing

The broad spectrum of validation includes preemptive testing of code changes by developers, millions of overnight auto-tests with full functional coverage, as well as in-application and customer scenario tests. Continuous improvement of the test suite is achieved by ensuring all new functionality has accompanying tests, performing coverage analysis and by incorporating customer-reported issues into the test suite to eliminate regressions.

Quality-oriented release process

To accelerate our customers’ time-to-market, all Parasolid releases and maintenance updates are delivered with plug-and-play compatibility so our customers can integrate enhancements without spending time reworking code or recompiling.


A new version of Parasolid is typically released every six months and we regularly distribute maintenance updates to enhance functionality and performance between major releases. Customers usually operate on asynchronous release cycles and may support several versions of their own products at any one time. Our quality framework ensures that successive versions of Parasolid are supported concurrently, while offering functional stability and data interoperability.

Quality user experience

In addition to assuring quality in the product, we want customers to have the best possible experience integrating Parasolid. We therefore apply high standards of quality to Parasolid developer resources such as our comprehensive reference documentation, targeted training resources and standardized API.

If you’d like to learn more about these aspects of quality management and many others, please refer to our Parasolid Quality White Paper.

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