Parasolid v34.1 release highlights

By JonR

Parasolid v34.1 delivers enhancements across a wide range of classic, convergent and lattice modeling functionality to address the needs of our diverse customer community. These include:

Lattice Modeling

Support for lattice modeling is being extended significantly with each release to facilitate more workflows:

  • Rods of different radius are now permitted in the same model
  • When combining lattices, several options are provided to keep or delete coincident rods
  • When combining lattices, an option is provided to snap near-coincident balls together, within a specified tolerance
  • Facet meshes creation from self-intersecting lattice bodies is improved to handle the resulting disjoint meshes


Classic modeling enhancements are delivered including:

  • In mid-surfacing operations, neutral sheets can now be created from faces in two sheet bodies, removing the restriction that faces must be from a single solid
  • When offsetting an edge to fill a gap with an adjacent model, creation of a natural curve extension can now be specified, to avoid creating non-smooth offset edges
Parasolid v34.1 modeling natural curve extensions

The natural curve extension (red) is created from the gap curves (blue)

Modeling with Mixed Models

A small number of complex, classic operations continue to be enhanced to operate on mixed geometry, In this release enhancements include:

  • Local hollowing, hollowing a portion of a model, can now be performed where the portion of the model contains both B-rep and mesh faces
  • Wounds created in a model by deleting one or more faces, can now be healed by growing and shrinking both mesh and classic neighboring faces
  • Mesh faces can now be used in Boolean operations to match topology
Parasolid v34.1 mixed modeling with healing

A mesh face (blue) is deleted creating a wound that is healed by extending adjacent faces (red)

Blending Mixed Models

Complex blending operations on mixed models have been enhanced to improve robustness is downstream operations, including:

  • Notch overflow blend operations on mixed geometry now create better quality mesh faces
  • Face-face blend operations now create better quality cap faces when extending mesh faces

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