Kineo Collision Detector Version 8.0 Highlights

By Etienne Ferre

Kineo Collision Detector (KCD) is a software component that performs high speed collision analysis on mesh surfaces (polyhedrons), point cloud data and wireframes. Its high performance makes it particularly well-suited to complex motion simulation environments. New features released since version 7.0 include :

Bounding Cylinders

A bounded volume is a basic 3D geometric shape, such as a box or sphere, that completely encloses more complex geometry, such as an assembly of organically-shaped polyhedrons. Bounded volumes can be used to accelerate performance in 3D modeling applications. For example, testing for a collision between two bounding boxes is typically faster than testing for collisions between their consitituent geometry.

KCD version 8 now enables you to access bounding cylinders by computing the maximum distance between all the constituent geometry of an an object and a given line. If an object is moving along a linear path, a bounding cyclinder could be used to more rapidly assess collisions along that path. Furthermore, it is possible to derive a bounded cylinder that is limited to the range of geometries that are in a colliding state.

Negative Tolerances

A tolerance parameter can be used to simulate a clearance zone around an object. For example, by assigning an object with a tolerance value of 1mm, applications can identify when the object is colliding, or within 1mm of a collision. In this case, the object is being treated as if it were larger than it really is. In some cases, applications may want to predict the collisions that might be prevented if an object were made smaller. For this reason, KCD version 8.0 now enables negative tolerance parameters to be assigned.

Support for new platforms

Kineo Collision Detector is now available for Debian Linux platforms. Supported versions include Debian 10 “Buster” and Debian 9 “Stretch”.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 has been newly added as a supported development environment.

Further information

Please contact the author for further information about Kineo Collision Detector version 8.

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