Industrial robot optimization with Kineo

By JonR

Learn about new technologies for industrial robot optimization and their use cases in our on-demand webinar

Siemens’ Kineo software components are integrated into software applications to enhance the performance of industrial robots. Among the industry-proven benefits are accelerated cycle times, reduced energy consumption and predictable behavior of robot cable systems on the factory floor.

Etienne Ferré, Director of R&D for Kineo Components, reviews the latest advances in path-planning, trajectory optimization and robot dress pack simulation. Etienne goes on to review several different use cases that demonstrate the commercial value of these solutions.

industrial robot optimization with kineo

Etienne is joined by Kaori Kachi, Product manager at AMADA Innovative Software Europe. Kaori presents the results of integrating our KineoWorks path-planning solution to optimize trajectories in their specialized CAM software for the sheet metal sector.

industrial robot optimization - Amada ISE with kineo

You can learn more by accessing the 45-minute webinar here

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