Top 5 things to look for in an advanced planning and scheduling solution

By Dave Snyder

What makes an excellent advanced planning and scheduling (APS) solution? How do manufacturers select the best one – and get off the Excel hamster wheel of production planning? The evaluation and selection process can be a challenging task and requires evaluating many options. Getting the choice right will impact whether the desired benefits are achieved and whether the tool is adopted long-term. Ultimately, it needs to significantly impact a manufacturer’s ability to maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic marketplace.

Chris Brewer, Manager of Customer Development for Smart Expert Solution Partner Lean Scheduling International, provides his insights on what is essential when selecting an Advanced Planning and Scheduling software solution. Spoiler alert! The answer is complex but very simple: The best production planning and scheduling software for manufacturers is one that is visual and easy-to-use, agile, integrated, configurable, scalable, and reflects shop-floor realities. It can’t be some of these things. It must be ALL of them.

To those insights, I’d also add that finding the right implementation partner, with a proven track record and a long list of case studies, will ensure that choosing the “right APS tool” will result in a successful project that leads to the desired outcomes and delighted customers.

Dave Snyder is a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Partner Sales Executive with Siemens Digital Industries Software. Dave has 30 years of experience building, implementing and selling advanced planning and scheduling solutions in 22 countries.

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