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Verification Horizons

UVM: Joint Statement Issued by Mentor, Cadence & Synopsys

DAC Attendees Invited to Accellera’s Breakfast sponsored by Mentor, Cadence & Synopsys The full statement can be read at EDA...

Corporate Blog

Steve Bashada talks about HD-PLM

Recently we announced the High Definition PLM (HD-PLM) technology framework, which will enable decision makers throughout the product lifecycle to make better informed decisions more efficiently and ...

Corporate Blog

Steve Bashada talks about PLM opportunities for customers

This is the second part of my interview with Steve. In this video he talks about opportunities for customers to continue to improve productivity, cycle time, quality and cost with PLM.

Corporate Blog

Solid Edge Tips and Tricks are back! New users start here

After a brief hiatus, we are resuming our Solid Edge Tips and Tricks series with 10 new videos. Check back weekly to see new videos. We begin the series with Helpers, designed for new users. 'Help...

Verification Horizons

Static Verification

After spending years verifying ASICs with dynamic simulation, I started working on static verification 10 years ago in a startup...

Embedded Software


It is becoming common for embedded designs to incorporate more than one CPU – maybe multiple cores on a chip...

Corporate Blog

Steve Bashada talks about PDM to PLM transition

During my recent visit to the Siemens PLM Software facility in Milford, Ohio I had an opportunity to sit down with Steve Bashada, VP, Teamcenter Product Development. (Steve has an insanely busy trave...

Corporate Blog

Open Standards for PLM

I’ve seen a lot of conversation lately in regards to openness in the CAD/PLM industry. So it seems timely to share some of the discussion and reiterate how important open standards are to us as a com...

Simulating the Real World

The art of modelling using CFD. Part V - Grid

Any simulation technology based on an approach of subdividing a 3D model into many tessellated control volumes (e.g. the finite...