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Which Graphics Card Should I Buy?

First, it is important to note that consumer video cards are mostly targeted at those running games  often featured on Microsoft’s DirectX API, which runs on the Xbox. In contrast to these,...

Verification Horizons

More DVCon–More Mentor Tutorials!

As DVCon expands, we at Mentor Graphics have grown our sponsored sessions as well.  Would you expect less? In DVCon’s...

Simulating the Real World

Top 10 FloTHERM V10 Features – #2: Advanced Find

Electronic products, and products that contain electronics, are typified by being constructed of 100s if not 1000s of individual parts....


Why Scrum + Polarion scares some project managers

Scrum has been embraced by industry as a way to deliver product; effectively, on time and with relevant scope (through backlog grooming). It brings order, clarity and transparency. So why is Scrum sc...

NX Design

NX Quick Tips - Blend Pocket

This post has moved to the NX Design Knowledge Base.  The compete NX Quick Tips series can be found here.   Jerry


Webinar - Model based systems engineering (MBSE) driven with an integrated 1d and 3d simulation based approach

Join us for a free webinar on   Model based systems engineering (MBSE) driven with an integrated 1d and 3d simulation based approach.  February 27 at 1p (Eastern Standard Time).   ...

NX Manufacturing

Why CAD/CAM Integration Matters

Change is unavoidable Manufacturers are famously conservative. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. They’ll put up with workarounds if it means minimizing change – minimizing risks to their production....


Electronic Work Instructions for accurate production and processes

This video is the third video in the series of “Factories of the Future". In this video, Zvi Feuer, General Manager of Tecnomatix at Siemens PLM Software, talks about Electronic Work Instructions ( E...

Solid Edge

Replay of the Direct Vs History Panel Discussion

If you've got about an hour, a useful way to spend it might be to review the webinar of the panel discussion that compared history-based and direct modeling software. Dan Staples represented the Soli...